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Pamper Your Body!

Home Spa Ideas To Restore Your Body, Mind and Spirit

Everyone deserves to be pampered with a spa day. However, it can be cost-prohibitive to go to a five-star spa, so creating a home spa is a cost effective alternative. Once you have made up your mind to renew your body, mind and spirit by treating yourself to a spa experience, look at what your overall goal is. Start with whether you need time by yourself to rest, relax and refortify or if you want to share the experience with friends.

You should also include in your spa day some exercise or yoga, healthy food, relaxation, and some special time for meditation or reflection. In the spirit of staying relaxed during your home spa, it would be wise to plan your day when you are alone to make sure you can have peace and quiet.

The following cost-effective, home spa ideas should inspire you to get started on your personal journey of pure, luxurious indulgence.

First, set the atmosphere. One of the best things about going to a spa is the relaxing atmosphere they create. There is typically mood lighting, soft music playing, a clean, minimalist appearance, and soft fluffy towels, robes, and slippers. For your home spa, create your personal serene environment.

Here’s how:

Candles - Choose from our line of Keilove aromatherapy soy candles. Place them on safe, litter-free, study furniture tops around the room you are going to set up your home spa in, and light them. This will give you a relaxing, dimmed light atmosphere. At the end of your pedicure, when your toenails are dry, you can take a few spoonfuls of soy wax and massage it onto your tired, sore feet. Cover them with socks and enjoy the warmth of the soy wax working to soften and renew your feet. 

Robe and slippers - Make sure your favorite, cozy robe is freshly laundered and mist it with Lavender Bliss to create a sensation of fresh lavender embracing your body. Comfy water proof, open-toed slippers or flip-flops will work just as well after you completed your pedicure. 

Towels – Splurge a little and buy some high end, big fluffy towels. You will use them to wrap up between spa treatments. I suggest white towels, so that you can clean them of any excess spa treatment products by bleaching them to keep them spotless.

Pretty drinking glasses – Use your most elegant drinking glasses to hold your favorite sparkling, natural spring, or distilled water. Add lemon, lime, orange, or cucumber slices to the water for an extra touch of natural flavor. 

Healthy snacks – Veggie sticks, fruit, nuts, and yogurt are great for keeping it light as you work on yourself. Don’t forget to include something naughty as well! 

Music – Choose soothing music for your home spa experience. Soft, relaxing music that is conducive to relaxation helps to set the kind of mood you need to pamper yourself. On the other hand, maybe you prefer silence. It can be whatever calms you.



1) Facial

What you need:

Access to a sink
Makeup remover
Natural liquid soap
Boiling water
Cotton pad or balls                                                                          
Keilove Dead Sea salts
Keilove Avocado Butter or

Keilove Lavender Bliss Crème                                                  

Lavender Bliss Body Oil

What you do:

Step 1:
Remove all makeup.

Step 2: Cleanse skin with appropriate soap for your skin type.

Step 3: Pour boiling hot water into a bowl and add a couple of drops of Lavender Bliss essential oil. Place your face as close to the water as comfortable and place a towel over your head to keep the steam in. Stay put for 5 minutes.

Step 4: In a small bowl, mix together well a tablespoon of Lavender Body Bliss Oil with 2 tablespoons of Keilove Dead Sea Salts. Wash your face with a a gentle liquid soap. While your face is still damp, prepared apply a small amount of Keilove Lavender Bliss Body Oil (or Pure if you want no scent) and gently rub the mixture in small circles around the checks, forehead, chin and neck. Be careful to avoid your eyes and the tender area under your eyes.

Step 7: Rinse face thoroughly with warm water and pat dry.

Step 8: Apply a small amount of Keilove Avocado butter or Keilove Lavender Bliss creme.

Drink some water and relax.

2) Pedicure

What you need: 

A large bowl (or use the bathtub)
Cotton balls or tissue
Keilove Dead Sea Bath Salts
Keilove Avocado Butter                                                                     

Mango Body Butter or Lavender Bliss Creme
Keilove Pure or Lavender Bliss Body Oil                                                  

Nail clippers
Nail file
Nail polish: base, color, and topcoat
Nail polish remover
Pumice stone
(1) Dry and (1) Wet Steamy Bath Towel
Warm water                                                                                            

Small electric fan

What you do:


Step 1: Remove old nail polish completely. Using cotton balls will leave traces of cotton on your nails. Try using cotton bands instead. Soak the cotton band with acetone remover and remove the old polish. If the color is not coming off easily, press the cotton on to the nail and let it soak for a while.

 Step 2: It is always best to use high quality clippers to cut your toenails. Cut your nails straight across, leaving about 1/8" of length. Do not let your nail extend over the tip of your toe. 

Step 3: For a soft square shape, file the nail around the corners in one direction. Use emery boards and not metal files, as metal files rip nails. The smoother surface is for smoothing the nail edge while the coarser surface is for shortening and shaping nails.


Step 4: Fill a big flat-bottom bowl with warm water. Add one scoop of Keilove Dead Sea Bath Salts, a couple of drops of Clarity Mist essential oil or Lavender Bliss essential oil, and let your feet soak for a 5-10 minutes. The more calloused your feet are the longer they need to stay soaked. Add about quarter cup of milk to the warm water. Lactic acid in the milk loosens dead skin. Clean your feet with a mild, liquid soap. Rinse well.

Step 5: Apply cuticle remover to the base of each nail and rub in. Wait for a minute and then using an orange-wood stick, slowly push the skin back where it meets the nail. 

Step 6: Use cuticle nippers to trim loose skin. Do not cut your toe flesh.


Step 7: Rub a little Keilove Avocado Body Butter on your wet feet and use a wet pumice stone to remove the dead skin on the balls and heels of your feet. The idea is to smooth the feet and not irritate them. If either foot is turns bright red, stop immediately. This means that you are scrubbing too hard. 

Step 8: Dry your feet thoroughly including between the toes and apply nourishing Mango Body Butter or Keilove Lavender Bliss creme to re-hydrate each foot. Don't forget the bottoms. Wrap your feet in moderately hot, steamy towels. Dry feet thoroughly.


Step 9: Use an acetone remover to get rid of the extra oils on the nails. Apply a thin base coat and using three strokes, one down the middle and one on each side. Do not paint cuticles. Apply three coats totally and then apply a thin topcoat. Use an orangewood stick wrapped in cotton dipped in nail polish remover to remove excess nail polish. 

Step 10: Let your nails dry completely naturally or use a small electric fan to speed up drying your nails before you wear shoes.

 Drink some water and relax.

3) Manicure

What you need:

A mid-sized bowl
A table and chair
Cotton balls or pads
Cuticle (a.k.a. orange) stick
Cuticle cream
Keilove Avocado Butter or Lavender Bliss Creme
Nail clippers
Nail file
Nail polish: base, color, and topcoat
Nail polish remover
Paper towels
Warm water 

Small electric fan

What you do:

Step 1:
Remove old polish with nail polish remover and cotton, wash hands with soapy water and dry with a soft towel.

Step 2: Use clippers and a nail file to shape nails. When you file, don't saw back and forth; it can weaken nails. Instead, start at one edge and move across the top in one fluid motion.

Step 3: Fill a bowl with warm water and add a touch of your favorite liquid soap. Soak hands for at least five minutes.

Step 4: Dry hands with a clean towel, then place a paper towel on your table and rest them on top of it.

Step 5: Dot each of nails with cuticle cream and rub it in. Cuticle cutting is a no-no. It can lead to infection. Instead, use a cuticle stick to gently push back cuticles

Step 6: When you're finished, rinse hands in the warm soapy water and pat dry, then apply a little Keilove Avocado Butter. Let it absorb for about five minutes before wiping away the excess.

Step 7: Wipe each nail with a cotton ball soaked in polish remover to get rid of cream on the nail so polish can adhere.

Step 8: Apply a base coat to each nail and let it dry for at least two minutes. (Use a small electric fan to speed up the drying process.)

Step 9: Then paint two coats of nail color, waiting one full minute between coats. (Use a small fan to dry between coats.) You should be able to cover each nail with three strokes -- one on each side, one down the middle. If you get polish on the skin, don't worry; just wait until everything is dry and use a Q-tip dipped in nail polish remover to remove the excess.

Step 10: When the polish has dried, apply a top coat. (Use a small electric fan to speed up the drying process.)

Drink some water.

Time to Relax and renew your mind and spirit.

4) Simple Meditation

  • Sit or lie down in a comfortable position. 

  • Close your eyes and breathe deeply. Your breathing should be slow and relaxed. 

  • Focus all of your attention on your breathing. Take the time to watch the movement of your chest in and out. 

  • Block all other thoughts, feelings, and sensations. If you feel your attention wandering, bring it back to your breathing.

  • As you inhale, say the word, "I breathe in" to yourself, and as you exhale, say "I breathe out." Continue this exercise until you feel very relaxed. Hug yourself!  


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