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  • Benefits of Lemongrass Oil on Hair


    You may think of hair loss as a problem that only plagues men. Not so, hair loss is an issue that many people face, including women and children, according to the American Academy of Family Physicians. When your hair starts to fall out, you may turn to alternative treatments for help. In the holistic practice of aromatherapy, certain essential oils are used to treat hair loss. If you notice sudden or unusual amounts of hair loss, you should consult your doctor, as this may be a sign of an underlying medical problem.

    According to author Judy Griffin in her book Flowers that Heal, lemongrass oil is known to be an effective treatment to combat hair loss, oily hair, and scalp conditions. Some aromatherapists believe that lemongrass oil can strengthen the hair follicles, another benefit for those suffering from thinning or weak hair. Lemongrass can be combined with other hair growth oils such as lavender, or rosemary oils, and mixed with a carrier oil to make an effective scalp treatment to combat hair loss.We use one such combination in our Lemongrass Hair Oil or Lemongrass Hair Pomade.

    Cymbopogon citratus or lemongrass is essentially a herb that has been in use for years in traditional Indian medicine. It is a type of an aromatic or scented grass, native to India that has various beneficial herbal and medicinal properties. The oil extracted from lemongrass is one of the best essential oils and aromatherapy oils with a number of health and skin benefits. The oil is extracted from dried lemongrass through a procedure known as steam distillation. The oil has a light and fresh citrus fragrance with a dark yellow or amber color.

    Lemongrass oil has various medicinal, herbal and therapeutic properties. It has analgesic, anti-bacterial, carminative, deodorizing, febrifuge, fungicidal, antiseptic, antidepressant, astringent, diuretic, galactogogue, insecticidal, antipyretic, antimicrobial and sedative properties. It finds utility in many areas due to all these properties and it is known to have just a few side effects. Lemongrass oil is also safe to be used by children but should not be used if one is pregnant.

    Lemongrass oil is also useful in relieving symptoms related to depression, anxiety and panic attacks imparted by its antidepressant properties. This is one of the most important benefits of lemongrass oil. You can take advantage of these properties every day simply by using lemongrass essential oil.

    As always, I am grateful to serve you and look forward to spending many years together as partners living healthy, happy lifestyles.

    Be Well.
    Dottie Green/Owner Keilove Botanica

  • 7 Hints For Coping With Spring Allergies

    You can cut all the flowers but you cannot keep Spring from coming.” ― Pablo Neruda

    Coughing. Sneezing. Congestion. Itchy skin and eyes. All are allergic reactions that often accompany the long-awaited, spring season. If you're among the millions of people who suffer from allergies during the spring, you can avoid many of the triggers with these helpful hints.

    • Keep your windows closed, especially on a warm spring day when allergen levels are at their peak.


    • Leave your shoes at the front door so you don’t track allergens on your shoes throughout your home. Vacuum this area regularly and wipe off your shoes while wearing rubber gloves.


    • Remove your clothes immediately after arriving home and take a shower (clean your hair too). Allergens such as pollen tend to stick to fabrics. Unwittingly, you can deposit them from your clothes onto your furniture, your pillow, and on the people around you. Suddenly the safe haven of your home is as allergy-ridden as the outdoors.


    As a precaution, wash your bedding, your pajamas, and your clothes as often as possible to rid them of troublesome allergens.


    • Clean or vacuum venetian blinds and drapes.


    If you have a pet that’s allowed outside, wipe your darling pet down before it tracks pollens and spores inside.


    Finally, try using Clarity Mist products to reduce allergy related symptoms. (Consult a physician if symptoms persist. Not intended to replace medical attention, people who suffer seizures or if you are pregnant.)


    Make this spring season a joyful time!


    As always, I am grateful to serve you and look forward to spending many years together as partners living healthy, happy lifestyles.


    Be Well.


    Dottie Green/Owner

    Keilove Botanica


  • Easy Aromatherapy Facial Steam Bath

    Spring 2013

    Be Good to Your Face!


    Simple Steps for a Refreshing Aromatherapy Facial Steam Bath


    Use 5 to 8 drops of Clarity Mist essential oil (refreshing) in a bowl of hot, steamy water. Close your eyes and cover your head with a large towel and hold your face over the bowl. Let the steam unclog your pores and open sinus passages. Add a few drops every 5 minutes (10-15 minutes total.)


    NOTE: Avoid essential oil blend around  or in your eyes. Wash with lukewarm water if this occurs. Also do not use if you are pregnant or have epilepsy or asthma. Should not be used by children under the age of 13.

    I hope these suggestions will ease some of your winter skincare woes. I am grateful to serve you and look forward to being apart of your life for years to come.

    Be well.


    Dottie Green

    Owner/Keilove Botanica, LLC

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